I would pour your spices on my cereal if it weren’t for all these judging eyes

Friday January 2. 10:07pm

“Visiting with our friends Ann & Malcolm, finished eating gumbo & now headed outside to sit around their fire pot!”

‘member how I said the deep south sucks*? Lies, all lies, and this text is the undeniable proof. They just ate gumbo and they are headed outside to hang out by a a fire IN JANUARY. Bam! No wonder Emeril Lagasse is so excited! He’s all up IN the cajun cuisine. Wait, WAT? He’s French-Canadian? Life shattered. Well, in a way, he’s the true spirit of Cajun, because Acadian-Creoles people were originally French-Canadians who migrated all the way to Louisiana. Why did they not stop in ANY of the other states, I don’t know…the museums down there are way less exciting than the shrimp po boys. You know what, screw it. I’m not defending Emeril Lagasse. Never again…damn good spices though.


“Use 20oz per meal. TAKE IT UP A NOTCH, turds!”

Anywho, yes, my Papaw is not doing very well. At all…but ain’t NO reason to not eat gumbo and live it up. Seriously. We could get into New Orleans Jazz funerals, but my Papaw was Presbyterian and white as fuuuck so its a little unnecessary. Either way, the end is about celebrating LIFE and honoring death. Don’t you judge my ma for getting her gumbo on.

*Okay, just to clarify: I said the deep south without bodies of water nearby or close to interstates suck. Baton Rouge, LA is on the Mississippi river AND is only 1.5 hours for New Orleans. So it does not suck.

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