New Years Greetings!

Thursday January 1, 2015. 10:02pm

“At hotel in Mississippi going to bed soon so we can drive tomorrow to see your Papaw.”

Well, kids, I’m not gonna lie, the next several momWHATareyoudoing posts ain’t gonna be pretty. I was going to apologize in my last post for taking longer than new years to start posting again, but I don’t get paid for this shit (still accepting checks by mail) so I figured you people would just wait. Also, I don’t have the best of New Years tidings.

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that momWHATareyoudoing carries on into 2015. What began as a month long experiment has turned into too much fun for me to quit. My mom has graciously agreed to keep pressing onward, even after she warned her friends about the swear words and they read the blog anyway.

The bad news is that my papaw is undeniably dying. I was going to use a nicer word, but not until someone has died can you start sugar-coating it by saying “passed away”. He isn’t currently passing, what he’s doing right now is dying. Aren’t we all? Yes, but he’s actually in the last lap whereas the rest of us don’t know what lap we are on. I was also going to play the dumb blogger and pretend like I only knew as much as I knew from these texts, but I’m actually writing this post on the following Monday after a long weekend. THAT’s right, I’m in the FUTURE! And I can safely say, from the future, that Papaw is dying.

So my mom has driven 11 hours down to Louisiana with my dad to be there for her last parent. You only get two, if you’re lucky.

But this bad news is one of the reasons I am also doing this blog. Maybe it will be a really great mix of funny and sad and real. Maybe it will be just whatever it is.

Anyway, I bet that hotel sucks. Not because its a crappy hotel, but because it’s in Mississippi. Have you ever BEEN to Mississippi? I’m sure there are some really great parts of Mississippi, maybe, but they sure as shit aren’t in hotels close to the interstate. I’ve been through both Mississippi and Alabama a good number of times on my way to visit both my Papaw and Mamaw at lots of different times in my life. And it aaaalways sucks. I find nothing romantic about the “deep south” that isn’t close to a large body of water. Teeming with the (hopefully) ever-shrinking ripples of racism? OH yeeaah. But romantic? Nah. Again, there are exceptions, but along the interstates its a fucking wasteland of McDonald’s, Olive Gardens, and sad fat people who are roasting inside their own flesh.

Well, that seems like a good note to end on…

SEE YA NEXT TIME on momWHATareyoudoing!

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