Saturday October 4

“Planning with your Dad what activities & games he will use tomorrow with the Tweens (5th graders) at church.”

First off, thanks mom for throwing in the “Tween” definition for the ignorant internet traveller. I should also say this text was received at 10:21pm, so I’m guessing the planning phase is getting pretty intense since she couldn’t text me at 10.

I like to think that my Dad is testing out games on her. She’s trying to tag her own self while telling two truths and a lie and drawing her own special name badge. Meanwhile, my dad is screaming like a drill sergeant, timing her while fixing the coffee pot for tomorrow. More realistically, my mother has probably unearthed one of her many tomes on children’s “activities & games.” She’s got kids books for days, people! There is paper spread all across the dining room table as she rifles through the workbooks, and, as they talk she takes notes. They sit and brainstorm collectively, like an episode of Mad Men, how to beat some decency into those Tweens. Good luck.

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