Sunday October 5

“Setting oven to self clean overnight with your cast iron pan inside! Also folding clothes while watching documentary “wildest islands” about the Caribbean.”

At this point, you can see that by 10pm on Sundays my mom frequently lives by a rule of 3. Let me walk you through it.

1) There is almost always one machinated tasks at hand—self cleaning ovens, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, mulchers, DJ Roomba, etc.

2) There is always a tactile task of some kind—folding clothes (number one choice), washing dishes (for the dishwasher to then wash), dusting the entire house, sweeping, moving plants, sign language, carpentry, etc.

3) And then there is a pseudo-passive task that can be mistaken for pleasure, but let me say that most of them have some kind of twist. Perhaps it is already on her to-do list, or perhaps it is mildly educational—watching a documentary, talking on the phone to a child/relative, watching football/basketball that my dad cares about, reading the newspaper, dental exams, checking the ingredient list to Cool Ranch Doritos, etc.

Also, mom, thanks for putting my cast iron in the oven! Love ya lots. (I’m stripping it because the seasoning was bad and I’m getting a do-over… wish me luck.)

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