Friday October 3

“Unloading & reloading the dishwasher and washing dinner dishes after running errands this evening.”

At first this took me a minute to decode. In case you are slow like me (and since you are reading this blog I presume we share some traits) she is unloading clean dishes and then loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher after having returned from running errands. Whew, lady.

When I was in high-school, our dishwasher broke and we weren’t exactly the friggin Kardashians, so we said “whatever” and washed our dishes by hand for a while. When I went off to college my parents finally decided to get a functional dishwasher (once the cheap labor was out of town). Those formative years of washing dishes by hand haven’t made me appreciate dishwashers any more. I don’t understand why we can’t just do the damn dishes NOW instead of the three step process of 1) kind-of washing them, 2) waiting for them to get wet and mostly dry again, and then 3) forgetting until it is 2 minutes before dinner that we have a giant container of dishes that need to be half-dried and put away.

Seriously, until dishwasher technology improves such that your dish goes straight from the table to the dish-rack, I think the whole thing is a scam. This isn’t a mile-a-half-in-the-snow story or a— “I underwent hardship and I think everyone else should, too.” It is a call to arms. It is a— “I think we are all being dicked over here”.

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