Sunday November 9

I gave my mom the night off because I was at her place at 10pm. I knew what was up. She was busy giving me things! Let me show you the list. Take a look at the loot:

1 down comforter—Its cold and we can’t find ours. She had like seven extra, its no big deal.

6 fun-size candies—leftover from Halloweeen. She tried to push off more on me as I started to shove Skittles down my gullet, but somehow I convinced her 6 was enough.

3 fresh rice krispy treats—my sister made them. WITH sprinkles

5 frozen chicken legs—mine from like august, I think.

2 leftover dinners—with steak and veggies or salmon and veggies (for the wifey—she’s pescatarian. Look it up).

1 “No Regets” cardboard sign painted on the back of a Red Baron Pizza box—its for my improv troupe, don’t judge (about the pizza choice or the fact that I have an improv troupe).


1 beer—I stole it for later.

Its a good thing I drive a mini-van.

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