Thursday October 16

“Watching Drop Dead Gorgeous on our vhs tape recorded off our Direct TV! Headed to bed soon have been up since 5:15 for early morning trip to the airport.”

So much to explain.

First, for the rest of the internet but mostly tumblr, people previously used VHS tapes to watch movies on their Television sets. A Television set is a thing, like a computer, but way bigger. All it does is show stuff, like Hulu, but you don’t get to pick anything. Stuff just came on and then you got pissed at your mom because she couldn’t possibly need to vacuum NOW. UNLESS you had a kick-ass VHS and then you could watch one of four movies at your grandparent’s house when ever you wanted or if they weren’t watching reruns of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Also, Drop Dead Gorgeous, for the ignorant among us, is the best dark comedy mockumentary ever made. That doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Get out.

Getting up at 5:15am and still running strong at 10pm sounds extreme, but let’s be honest here—its only waking up an hour earlier than she normally does.

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