Wednesday September 24

“Talking to your sister on the phone and heard you were doing standup comedy tonight!”

I gave my mom a few days off as a celebration of our one month-iversary (or I deleted those texts). My mom has a very different relationship with my sister in the telephone department that she does to me. I think my sister talks to her almost every day either in person or on the phone (they work in the same building) whereas I have gone for the one hour per week approach ever since 2004. Although we went on a one year hiatus from the weekly call since my wife and I lived with my parents for a year. So far, I’ve gotten off without the once-a-week call, but I don’t expect that grace period to last long. Just like my mountain of student loans, you get 6 months max before you start accruing so much interest you might as well be paying SOMETHING before they start garnishing your wages.

Sidenote: garnishing your wages does not mean adding parsley. It means taking the steak.

Also, yes, I went to a standup comedy open mic. It went well, thanks for asking! Everybody laughed and laughed and laughed and I got a book deal and a national tour opening for Bill Cosby. Its a passing of the torch thing. Bill has said I’m the next him, but I think I’ll end up carving my own path.

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