Monday September 22

“Texting with Mikey P. about meetings tomorrow.”
As noted before, my mom clearly likes to operate within a 12-hour (or less) window for meeting reminders, agendas, etc. Mikey P is a good man for entertaining my mother’s late night texts. And my mom is a 100% texter backer. Meaning: every text you send, you WILL get a response. Think the conversation was over? seems settled? Topic seems pretty much exhausted? No effing way she’ll come back with a zinger like “just trying to make sure” or even just a basic and well-timed “yes”. Also a possibility: new conversation entirely like “heard you had saturday off. any plans?” Rest assured, that phone will buzz again and you will have to stop watching Usher dance videos to decide whether to finally leave her hanging or see if you can’t close the damn conversation yourself.
re: the previously posted meeting she e-mailed 12 hrs advance reminders. I asked, and only 4 people showed up. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of my moms (likely) 3rd reminder. I think they were just a bunch of lazy assholes. I’ll tell you what, THEY weren’t emailing people about a meeting at 10pm.

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