Sunday September 21

“Watching “I Am” documentary on Netflicks”
You might be reading this thinking: “Good, she’s relaxing.” And you are right. Although I will say at a certain point she’s going to be folding laundry. Or MAYBE the laundry is already folded… doubt it.
It was one of my mom’s favorite tricks growing up to lure the entire family into watching a feature film together. Then, about a third of the way into the movie, once Aladdin had finally made it into the cave of wonders, my mom would imperceptibly slip out of the room. I’m GLUED to the TV because Abu has just seriously fucked this whole thing up AGAIN. Then she would—much more perceptibly return with a mountain of laundry. How she carried multiple baskets up those stairs is still a mystery to me. And thus, while Aladdin surfed the magic carpet through lava, every single one of us folded our own crap.
There was one time she left me alone with an entire basket of laundry and I found Enemy of the State on Starz. She returned 1.5hrs later and I had folded a shirt. Literally, no more than one shirt. I still remember the rage.

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