Thursday October 23

“Cleaning the guest bathroom for Roberta’s visit!”

Ya’ll, get ready… Berta’s coming. Roberta is basically my grandmother, but she’s actually my grandmother’s cousin. She has great handwriting, she mails cards all the frickin time, and she LOVES margaritas. On the beach? Sure. Mexican Restaurant? Of course. Christmas? You bet. She lives in TN with her family, but when she comes east, she stays for at least a week. I’m having dinner with her and the fam on monday, so expect a full report. Berta is kind of like if you take the fun of an aunt and the fun of a grandma and wrap it into an 89 year old, 4 foot 9 inch package. Berta.

Nobody calls her Berta but us, so its Roberta to you.

Roberta has also done a ton of genealogy research, so she knows her stuff. Her lengthy ( stories include names from people I’ve never even heard of but she talks about them like we’re besties. And she takes a bath EVERY night before she goes to bed, so that’s why mom’s using some elbow grease in the guest bathroom. Good luck, ma. There’s a storm a’comin’. 

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