Saturday November 22

“Coming home from second trip to grocery this weekend after deciding today to bring homemade treats to grandma at our Thanksgiving trip as a part of her Christmas gift!”

Oh my god, Mom. I asked you to text me what you were doing, not provide me with comedy gold EVERY TIME.

You know, she could have avoided this. She could have done the second trip before 10pm, but my guess is that SHE WAS TOO BUSY. You didn’t read me wrong, folks, my mom’s Saturday was too busy for her to go the¬†grocery store. The grocery. godDAMN store. Probably making Thanksgiving shit for my Grandma. So NOW, my mom is going BACK to the store so she can buy more supplies to produce yet another round of “homemade treats” for my grandma. ¬†Remember when I talked about my mom being prepared? This is the kind of malarky I’m talking about. People say “do your Christmas shopping early” and she actually does it! Still, once Christmas actually rolls around she’ll somehow be busy doing other things.

Ya’ll… the beginning of the end has come. The Holidays are upon us. Break out your re-usable cookie tins, fill up your tupperwares, and go ahead and ask my mom for one more thing. Because odds are, she’s already doing it.