Sunday October 26

“With Roberta watching ‘Sound of Music’ on our DVD!”

The only thing my mom loves more than coffee, her family, and Jesus is Julie Andrews. Due to my mother’s enthusiasm for Julie Andrews, I also enjoy a good old fashioned showing of The Sound of Music every now again. If you combine the number of times I have viewed the movie as well as heard my mother sing the songs (or sung them myself), I’d say I have seen The Sound of Music approximately 600 times.

The math breaks down like this:

Front-to back viewings since birth (excluding my grandparents’ house)=45

Musical numbers I have forced my mother to stop singing mid-song=313

Total number of times I have participated in singing “Do Re Mi” with my mother=178

Total number of times I have participated in singing “My Favorite Things”(Reprise 1 and 2)=210

Frequency of quoting/singing parts of “So Long, Farewell” before bedtime with my siblings=119

Number of times I have sang “Edelweiss” all alone by myself=at least 15

Front-to back viewings at my grandparents house=another fucking 30

I think the math works out.