momWHATareyoudoing Highlights: Baltimore, Jesus, and Glue.

Hey there, kids! As promised, I am delivering my weekly highlights reel from momWHATareyoudoing. Click the headers to get directed to the blog content.


Good Evening, Baltimore

Monday February 2. 10:53pm

“Packing for my trip to Baltimore tomorrow!”

Any amount of Nyquil is too much Nyquil

Tuesday February 3. 10:00pm

“Chilling out in my hotel room in Baltimore catching up on e-mail & getting a chance to read the Papaw memories & reflections that Aunt Virginia typed up from his memorial service!”

Jesus loves Elmer’s

Wednesday February 4. 10:16pm

“Talking with my roommate about her day at the conference!”

Free Mini Shampoos

Thursday February 5. 10:10pm

“Arranging get up time & morning shower schedule with my roommate!”

Conference in a Walk-in Closet

Friday February 6. 10:13pm

“Walking along the harbor walk back to my hotel after my dinner out with 3 conference friends!”

“Ha! You can say THAT again!”

Saturday February 7. 10:01pm

“Just got home from my conference, eating ice-cream & catching up with your Dad!”

PSA Regarding momWHATareyoudoing

After much deliberation, I have decided to keep my momWHATareyoudoing blog at its original home on Tumblr. The truth is that momWHATareyoudoing is just one of the many things I do, and I felt that transferring the blog’s home to my website would only hinder its eventual growth. Plus, nobody wants to go to It’s all just too confusing.

Teaser posts from momWHATareyoudoing will continue to appear on this page, but this page will predominantly be a blog/news page for what I’m up to creatively. That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Bootlegged Christian DVDs

Saturday January 31. 10:01pm

“Re-Viewing the movie we will use tomorrow in Bible Journeys & folding clothes!”

My guess is that it’s a bootlegged copy of the box office smash Exodus Gods and Kings. She can’t WAIT for the Blu Ray, and those Tweens sure as hell won’t, either. Killing two birds with one purchase from Hank who still sells actual physical copies after sitting in the theatre with his camcorder for two and a half hours.


Stay strong, Hank.