momWHATareyoudoing Highlights: Baltimore, Jesus, and Glue.

Hey there, kids! As promised, I am delivering my weekly highlights reel from momWHATareyoudoing. Click the headers to get directed to the blog content.


Good Evening, Baltimore

Monday February 2. 10:53pm

“Packing for my trip to Baltimore tomorrow!”

Any amount of Nyquil is too much Nyquil

Tuesday February 3. 10:00pm

“Chilling out in my hotel room in Baltimore catching up on e-mail & getting a chance to read the Papaw memories & reflections that Aunt Virginia typed up from his memorial service!”

Jesus loves Elmer’s

Wednesday February 4. 10:16pm

“Talking with my roommate about her day at the conference!”

Free Mini Shampoos

Thursday February 5. 10:10pm

“Arranging get up time & morning shower schedule with my roommate!”

Conference in a Walk-in Closet

Friday February 6. 10:13pm

“Walking along the harbor walk back to my hotel after my dinner out with 3 conference friends!”

“Ha! You can say THAT again!”

Saturday February 7. 10:01pm

“Just got home from my conference, eating ice-cream & catching up with your Dad!”

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