Comedy Weekend Forecast

Tuesday January 20. 10:02pm

“Purchasing tickets online for No Regets fringe Festival performance this coming Sunday!”

Well it looks like my mom is plugging my show. I was planning on being more subtle about it, but here we go. My improv troupe, No Regets, has two shows this Friday and Sunday. Click here for details. And, yes, my mom is going. AND she already posted on the Facebook event page to say she was going. So there’s that. Remember when Facebook was just for college students?

I wish I could tell you the show will be great, but, honestly, the whole damn thing is made up on the spot, so best thing I can do is give you a forecast. Here’s my Local on the 8s for the No Regets improv show. Feel free to read this out loud to your children in a pseudo-robot voice while playing this NEW, EDGY Local on the 8s music:


This weekend, a 50% chance of scattered guffaws and a 90% chance of people not wholeheartedly hating it. North, Northwest fart smells from the stage moving east. Early fog of “what the fuck are these guys doing” clearing off to mostly funny by mid-show. Highs in the mid “that was nice” with a low of someone yelling “fuck” as a suggestion for a scene.

See you there!

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