Fraser Defenestration

Tuesday 13 January. 10:21pm

“We just took down the Christmas Tree tonight, so I am sweeping the kitchen floor while your Dad is vacuuming to get up the Fraser fir needles that dropped on the way out the door!”

Note how she still name drops with the Fraser fur.  Even if its in the junkyard, its still a Cadillac. Fun fact: Dad’s favorite thing to do is haul the tree out to the back deck instead of to the front door so he gets to hurl it off the edge into the night. The grin he gets on his face watching sucha  large object free fall is almost disturbing if I didn’t have one my self. I think people should spend more time throwing shit off things. Perhaps we would have a healthier nation all around…but that’s not for me to say. One day I want to set it on fire and then watch it fly.

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