Its a Christmas sweater WITH bells, probably.

Friday December 19. 10:45pm

“Helping party guests find their coats & washing out dishes so they can take their food home or have it shared with us to keep!”

‘Twas the weekend before christmas, and all through the house. All the staff members were drinking, some got on their blouse. All the mattresses have been juggled in the bedrooms with care in hopes that Berta’s mailed presents soon will be there. And my mom in her sparkly christmas sweater and I in my fleece-lined cap have made up a little ditty, a very short rap. The decorations are up, so its time to get doown. And to add to the melee, my bro is in town.

“Church staff party, what WHAT! Let’s do this shit.”

–probably what my mom said to welcome her guests.

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