The Flying Karamazov Mothers

Thursday December 18. 10:19pm

“Switching out guest bedroom from double bed to queen size bed to get ready for your brother’s visit!”

My parents are professional mattress jugglers.  They will go to obscene lengths to make sure a guest’s bedding is up to par. For Roberta (Berta for the hip ones), she is so short that they remove the box spring from her mattress so she can get on the bed easier. A long time ago, my parents made a solemn oath that if we ever visited and didn’t find their bedding comfortable, that we MUST tell them about it. This was in response to several uncomfortable sleeping situations which shall not be spoken of here lest they summon evil spirits.

They have one extra mattress per bed, which enables the mattress juggling. Of course, you’re probably thinking of the Flying Karamazov Brothers and its a little more Laurel and Hardy moving a piano.

Good luck to them.


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