Monday December 8

“While putting out Christmas decorations Telling your Dad about Jo Nan’s suggestion to have him make his fried chicken for the church staff Christmas party! She had his chicken once & has never forgotten it!”

You might be sensing a theme here. The christmas decorations are STILL coming out. Her supply is never ending. So far, in the total 8 days of December, my mom has been tending to or pulling out decorations at 10pm in 5 of them. That’s 5 (five) out of 8 (eight) just in the texts I have received, so that’s a conservative guesstimate. I wouldn’t expect this gravy train to slow down for another week or so at least. My mom is basically putting out decorations until Christmas Eve.

“Wait a second, THAT table doesn’t have any snowflakes on it!”

“Uh-oh, this bathroom soap display is too autumnal, better get some 30-year-old, never-used snowman soap in there! Perfect.”

“This basement is too dreary. Get out the SNOPRO snow machine and crank it up, ITS CHRISTMAS for Chrissakes! The kids will be home any minute!”

Okay so…. Fried Chicken. Let me just say that this Fried Chicken (yes, I capitalize it like the proper noun that it is) is pretty fucking incredible. Jo Nan has only had it once, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had it like 3 times TOTAL. Its one of the rarest heavy hitters in my father’s repertoire. Now, for those of you outside the south, let me just say I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what a big deal fried chicken is up in here. But hey, maybe you do. In case you don’t, let me clarify. I’m not talking about that bullshit KFC serves. I’m talking about real-ass Fried Chicken.

The difference between KFC and my father’s Fried Chicken is like the difference between a watermelon Jolly Rancher and an actual watermelon. Jo Nan is fighting the good fight to get my father back in action. As I’ve mentioned before, my father has more than a little Ron Swanson in him. He’s darn good at cooking meats, and since its winter the grill is on hiatus unless we have a 58 degree day. In which case, my dad, determined and serene as a monk, will grill as the sun sets at 4:30pm with a flashlight/floodlight on the back deck. Good luck, Jo Nan. Good luck.

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