Tuesday November 25

“First Sunday in Advent is November 30; making 2 fresh evergreen advent wreaths to use in the chapel & share with the Bible Journeys kids at church!”

The real reason she’s making two is because she knows if she makes just one to show to the Bible Journeys kids, those kids are gonna take their snotty fingers on a bible journey all over that fresh evergreen advent wreath. Might as well make two and leave them separate but equal.

btw Advent is like emo christmas. Its the four weeks leading up to Christmas, so in church you don’t sing any of that sugary “The First Noel” crap, you sing creepy badass songs like “O Come O Come Emmanuel”. Meanwhile, every kid in church is super confused because all of the Nickelodeon commercials and Toys-R-Us say “Its christmas time, LOSE YOUR SHIT ALREADY!” That’s where my mom steps in to let them cover their very own advent wreath in their very own mucus.

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