Sunday November 23

“Mopping the kitchen floor after making 3 sweet potato casseroles, 3 spinach Madeline casseroles & 3 loaves of cranberry orange bread today. Made extra 1 of each casserole for you all to have at the cuzette’s Thanksgiving celebration!

Jackpot. This is what I’m talking about, people. You know, I guess if you’re already making SIX baked goods, what’s three more? And if you’re already making nine baked goods, you might as well mop the kitchen floor, right? Hell, I’d say move on to some light yardwork. Those fall leaves aren’t going to pickup themselves. And if you’re gonna do the yardwork, I’d guess now’s good time to sell some old stuff on Ebay, rotate your tires, and convert the garage into a dance studio.

This year for Thanksgiving, my parents will be out of town again, so my sis, my cousins, and I are taking over the house for a cousin-style rager. And not to get into semantics, mom, but we’re calling it Cuz-giving. And yes, I’m buying a pre-cooked turkey from Ingles and it is going to be awesome. Judge me not, fair reader, for while you are shitting a brick over whether you’re “doing it right” I will be basking in the glory of doing it wrong. This time its my way, my way or the highway. I almost got a frozen Turducken just to go for gold. Next year.

Also thanks so much for the casseroles, mom. We probably would have just had Lean Pockets Roasted Turkey w/ Bacon and Cheese.

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