Thursday November 20

“Dusting & watching a documentary on wild islands of Japan!”

This is a bold-faced lie. The text is constructed so as to make it appear as though she’s casually dusting at 10pm. Is she dusting in only one room? Is she watching it on her iphone, strapped to her arm while she uses her other arm to rub the furniture with Endust? No. “The Wild Islands of Japan” is on SOMEWHERE in the house and she’s dusting the credenza.

I should say that there is someone watching it. Well, there was someone watching it. My father is quite reliably half-asleep on the couch, eyes closed, head cocked back in a gesture of ultimate peace. He basically shuts down at 9:40. You can place him in any room, but he’ll just rag doll it until my mother finally gives up and officially declares that it is bed time. My father, wisely, will consent as if it was her idea.

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