Sunday November 2

“Folding clothes & watching part 2 of Fiddler on the Roof, with Roberta, we had to stop it at the intermission last night!”

“Sunrise, sunset…Sunrise, sunset…” More like Tequila sunrise, sunset, amirite Berta?

To be fair, its hard to finish Fiddler on the Roof in one sitting. Or really, at all… After all, we know its going to be a bit of a downer. They all get kicked out of their town and get spread around across Europe (Warsaw, Palestine) and a few “lucky” ones head for the USA (Chicago, New York). Its all set in 1905, so any of the Jews remaining headed to Warsaw (yeah, in Poland) aren’t going to have a good go of it until post-1981. Anyone headed for Chicago in 1910 isn’t exactly going to open a bag of Skittles and kick back when they get there, either. Anyone read The Jungle? That’s what happened—best case scenario—to Lazar Wolf, the town butcher.

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