Monday October 27

My mom didn’t text me because I was there at 10pm after doing dinner with the fam. Let me give you the full report:
At 10pm my mother was unloading leftovers and houseplants on my wife and I at an alarming rate. We got three burgers, slaw, a thing of potatoes, 2 MASSIVE ferns and 1 geranium. We declined taking desert home. (The previously mentioned pumpkin cake with Berta. Oh yeah and she made the cream cheese icing, too.) 
Berta was in fabulous form. She ate a whole burger, which she claimed was faaar too much for her. Let’s all remember she is like four foot eight. She even had to take some laps around the house to walk it off. Been there, Berta. Been there. No margaritas tonight as my dad wasn’t home to make them. 

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