Wednesday September 17

“Checking calendar dates with your Dad to find an apple picking day!”

More on this in a minute.

We had previously selected the apple picking day the night before (See Ice Cream, ice cubes, and a dinner on Monday September 15). I was surprised the day had switched. She followed up by saying:

“FYI we may need to change apple picking date from Sept 28 to October 19— Fuji apples may be more available in oct. Am checking to see if we have a conflict will let you know”

Luckily, my mom’s Fuji research is on point. I LOVE seasonal fruit (who doesn’t? I’ll punch you.) And going to pick apples is a long-heralded McNeill family past time. And fuji’s are da-bomb dot com. Sure Pink Ladies are most excellent as well, but I find that an in-season Fuji has just the right balance of tart and sweet with a hearty crunch to polish it all off. Sometimes Pink Ladies can lean too far towards the granny smith category of tartness to sweetness ratio. Of course Gala sometimes can make the cut as well, and there was one time I had the most killer Empire apple from NY. Welcome to the inside of my brain.

Don’t worry, when apple picking day comes, you’ll know.

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